Shane Jacob has been helping horses be comfortable and stay sound since 1992. Shane has served two terms as President of the Southern Nevada Horseshoers Association and mentored several successful farriers.

Whether you have upper level competition horses, weekend trailriders, or a back yard pet, Shane has the experience, expertise, and horse sense to effectively handle your animal's hoofcare.  If your equine is experiencing a lameness, feel free to contact us. Shane and his Hoofcare Team believe in the synergistic approach and work closely with veterinarians, owners, trainers, and other farriers to derive and execute the best treatment plan possible.

If your horse has behavior issues in relation to hoofcare or if you want to increase your knowledge regarding your horse's hooves, be sure to get Shane and John Jacob's DVD for the horse owner; "HOOFCARE SIMPLIFIED" What Every Horse Owner Should Know


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